Is Beef Jerky Good For You?

Is Beef Jerky Good For You?

What do you do when hunger roars in your belly, making those wild whale mating call sounds? Well, if you have any sense whatsoever, you get yourself a snack immediately.

Of course, there are tons of snacks to choose from out there. You could have a piece of fruit or some carrot sticks. But if you really want to stick it to that hunger, you should grab a bag of beef jerky.

As one of the most popular and convenient snack foods out there, there’s nothing like ripping open a package and chomping down on perfectly chewy (or tender), meaty goodness.

But, is beef jerky healthy?

You can bet your meat-loving hind it is! You’ve got a free license to dig into beef jerky for your next snack attack.

What Makes Beef Jerky Healthy?

Powering up with protein is a great way to make it through to your next meal. Beef jerky really fits that bill since it’s made from lean cuts of beef. Depending on the type you get, it could be cured, smoked or dried before it gets to you. Various flavors are added in, resulting in a satisfying taste that fills you up and tells hunger to back the 'eff off

Because it has so much protein and so little carbs for a small amount of calories, beef jerky is a healthy choice. And it’s got some of those crucial minerals your body needs like iron and zinc that can boost your energy. 

Since it’s portable and easy to take with you anywhere, it might just be the perfect snack too. 

But what about the sodium? And those preservatives? Ah, well, there are some brands out there that certainly add more than they should. The key is choosing one that keeps things natural, using real flavors instead of artificial ones to bring out the best in these beefy sticks.

When you make a smart brand choice about your beef jerky, then it’s one good-for-you snack you really won’t mind eating. It’s not hard to keep up a healthy lifestyle when you find foods that taste good and do you good too. 

While most big beef jerky brands (like ones that rhyme with snack stinks) will have high sodium levels at 22% per serving, you can certainly find products that have lower levels. And without compromising taste either. Reading the labels is the wise way to finding a beef jerky brand that gets your health goals without making your taste buds cringe. 

In short, beef jerky can be your go-to snack to pump up with protein while you’re on the go. Because let’s face it…who wants another kale smoothie with protein powder to spill all over yourself in the car on the way to the gym? Nobody, that’s who. It’s beef jerky for the win again!

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