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A Jerk and an Idiot Walk into a bar ...

If you've heard the story once, you've heard it a 1,000 times: For Zuckerberg and that other guy it was a dorm room, for Jobs (RIP) and Wozniak, it was a garage.

For us ... well, it just so happened to be a kitchen with access to tender cuts of meat and cases upon cases of craft beer ... but honestly, who's even keeping score.


Boozy Jerky started as just an idea in 2018 between two ambitious entrepreneurs, coming from two unique backgrounds in the beef jerky industry, both determined to do things differently. 

With the biggest beef jerky brand in the world headquartered in Boozy's backyard, both founders agreed that they had no interest in Messin' with the 800 lb Sasquatch by bringing yet another me-too jerky product to market. 

So, with their respective backgrounds in developing private label jerky products for wineries and breweries in California, and 5 years of gathering consumer jerky preferences while building a direct-to-consumer beef jerky subscription company, the idea for Boozy Jerky emerged.