The Legend of Tipsy

tipsy the cow

Tipsy was born in Japan and comes from a long line of elite Japanese Wagyu. As legend has it, one of the secrets to raising best-of-breed Wagyu is a regular routine of massages and beer (that's true).

Well ... as anyone with reason could understand, Tipsy got hooked on the lifestyle leading to a bit of overindulgence at times.

When the word finally got out and spread across the ranch, Tipsy was seen as a disgrace to the family's legacy.

Having been shunned by his community and cut off from the pampering ways he had become accustomed to, Tipsy decide it was time to create his own legacy.

With a desire to find the finer enjoyments in life, Tipsy began traveling the world finding adventures along the way.

Each flavor of Boozy Jerky is a reflection of Tipsy's adventures and escapades - with an epic story behind every bite.

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